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Brief Introduction

The firm was forxmed in 2016 as “Haider, Bilal & Murtaza. The founding partner is Mr. Sahibzada Murtaza Ali. Mr. Murtaza, previously worked with the Ex-Law Minister Senator Dr. Babur Awan and handled his mainstream Lahore office as an Associate, went to Cornelius, Lane & Mufti (a top tier corporate law firm) as an Associate, until 2015 when he left CLM to establish a platform which gives legal, tax and financial consultancy under one roof having associated offices in Lahore and Okara at the moment.

The firm’s name was changed to “Haider, Bilal & Murtazain 2016 when new partners joined the firm. These included Mr. Haider Ali, who was a senior manager at IT consultancy firm in Qatar, and Mr. Bilal Warraich, who is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (United Kingdom) and practiced as Charted Professional Accountant (CPA) in PriceWarterCoopers LLP Canada as Tax Consultant. He also completed his Bachelor’s in Law degree in 2016.

The firm has kept up its healthy tradition of nurturing and promoting indigenous talent. The next prominent associate includes Mr. Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi (Advocate High Court), who is a practicing tax lawyer and Mr. Sufian Nawaz, who is a tax consultant with several years of business, banking at top tier banks and management experience.


Tax Matters

As detailed in the Work Methodology, as well as the resumes of the team which shall undertake this assignment, the firm is deeply involved in all kind of tax matters that primarily includes matters pertaining to income tax, sales tax, withholding tax, advance tax and all sort of transactional and indirect taxes. The firm specializes in dealing with tax-related disputes and litigations that include but not limited to tax reviews, tax audits, tax appeals, and tax litigations.

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IPO Services

Advising on intellectual property rights, registrations of Trademarks and Patents as well as finding remedies in case of illegal business name copyright issues are dealt with expert opinions and guidance for prosperous business clients.

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Water & Power

The firm is assisting various clients in establishing litigation in projects ongoing at diverse sectors such as telecommunication, power and This is in addition to regular clients that include established companies in the telecommunication, power and energy sector, such as Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee Limited and National Transmission & Dispatch Company.

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Financial Services

The firm specializes in all scope of accounting and bookkeeping services that include proprietary accounts, partnership accounts and corporate accounts that range from owner-managed businesses to listed corporations and include all kind of industries, Firm take pride in preparing annual accounts and financial statements that range from management reports to financial statements compliant of IFRS and notes thereto.

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Banking & Finance

The firm has substantial experience in banking and finance, having pioneered various innovative financing transactions under the non-interest mode of finance and under various rules and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan.

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Dispute Resolution

The firm has a thriving litigation practice. The focus is on constitutional remedies, sales tax and customs duty disputes, and banking and corporate litigation. The firm has a number of international clients who are currently being represented on various forums in Pakistan.

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Corporate Services

The firm has extensive experience in providing corporate and management related services that include but not limited to regulator compliance services that include Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) compliance-related services, labor compliance services, employee insurance and old age benefit compliance services, management training services, payroll training services, and corporate restructures.

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Many local and multinational companies are retainer clients of the firm and are regularly advised on corporate matters. The firm has also recently acted in a number of mergers and The firm regularly represents in clients in drafting and negotiating contracts, including vendor supply contracts, joint ventures and concession agreements.

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